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This IT pilot fish lands a one-year gig working at an Army installation, and it turns out that the IT rules are just like in the civilian world -- only more so.

Case in point: "I was not permitted to move my computer from my right to my left," says fish. "I mouse left-handed, and the cord wasn't long enough with it on the right side.

"I had to wait over a week for someone from IT to come move it.

"On that same job -- where I was a senior software developer -- I'd already had to wait six weeks to get my computer. Of course I wasn't there when it was delivered, hence the movement problem.

"I also requested a second monitor. It came three months before this one-year job ended, but was never hooked up because the computer needed another video card.

"In the end I printed a screenshot of my working monitor on a color laser printer and pasted it to the unused monitor."

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