How he spent his day off

Just before a holiday, this IT support guy calls a remote office to have a pair of tapes changed in their loader, says a pilot fish on the inside.

"Since the person who normally changes the tapes is away for the holiday, he decides to walk a user through the process," reports fish.

IT guy describes the tape loader, and tells the user to "remove tapes 1 and 6."

User starts in on the process, then tells IT guy, "I removed tape 1, but I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. It seems different from what I did last time."

IT guy: You're doing fine. Just pull out tape 6, and we'll put in the new tapes.

"User complies and removes 'tape 6,'" says fish. "Just then, the people in the remote office start to complain that the server is down.

"Turns out the 'tapes' the user removed are the hot-swappable hard drives in the server.

"Systems manager from the regional office is flown out to the remote office and spends the holiday rebuilding the array."

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