There’s a newly acknowledged Edge local IP networking bug in Win10

Responding to complaints, Microsoft acknowledges that all of this month’s Win10 Patch Tuesday cumulative updates make it impossible to access certain local pages from Edge.

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If you can’t get to your router’s admin page using the Edge browser, there’s a reason why. Microsoft broke it with this month’s cumulative updates.

Yesterday, Microsoft appended this warning to all of its Windows 10 January cumulative update pages for version 1703 onward:

After installing [this month’s cumulative update], some users report that they cannot load a webpage in Microsoft Edge using a local IP address. Browsing fails or the webpage may become unresponsive.

There’s a manual workaround that involves adding the malfunctioning page’s IP address to your Trusted Sites list. That’s going to put a lot of creases on the already-overworked brows of security mavens, but so be it.

The announcement concludes:

Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

Of course, the obvious solution is to use a different browser – even Internet Explorer seems to work – but whatever.

Looking into the problem, I was surprised to see that it’s been well documented for more than a week. Poster Bree on Tenforums said:

None of my physical machines can open my router page in Edge after the Dec. 8 update - that's Edge in the latest build of 1809, 1803, x86 or x64. It appears that only certain routers are affected. So far we have reports for Edge being unable to use web admin on Verizon FIOS-G1100, Netgear, WDC N750 and my BT HomeHub4.      

In general, if you’re using Edge to access a local page with an address like 192.168.x.x or and you can’t get to it, blame the latest cumulative update -- and switch browsers.

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