CES 2019 should change name to CES 5G 2019

After many pre-briefings before the upcoming CES 2019 show, I have come to a conclusion. The show should change its name to CES 5G 2019. The reason is simple. Wireless is playing an increasingly important role in the future of countless companies and industries in the consumer electronics space.

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CES 2019 is coming to Las Vegas next week and from the pre-briefings I am taking, what I am learning is that it may be time for a name change. Instead of calling the show CES 2019, I think it should be called CES 5G 2019. The reason is simple. So much of the innovation and enhancements to the products and services at the show depend on 5G wireless networks, smartphones and other mobile gear going forward.

Wireless is becoming the heartbeat at the center of the massive consumer electronics industry. This is incredible to think about. Just ten years ago, 3G wireless played a smaller role at the CES shows.

5G Wireless will play a growing role in every other industry

Fast-forward to today and we can see how wireless is playing a crucial role in a growing number of consumer electronics technologies and companies. And that is rapidly growing.

As wireless moves further into the 5G world, we will see products and services, companies and industries use wireless to transform the way they do business. The way we think about different industries will change. And the fundamental ways industries conduct business will transform.

As an example, is right in front of us today. Consider how Uber and Lyft have transformed the taxi and limousine industries using the smartphone, apps and the wireless networks. Next, think about how self-driving technology will use wireless to transform the automobile industry.

Or how pay TV is going wireless. A decade ago this space was owned solidly by the cable television giants like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Charter. Then AT&T Uverse and Verizon FiOS entered the space. Then AT&T acquired DirecTV NOW and started to offer wireless TV during the last couple years.

Pay TV will be impacted by 5G wireless

During the last ten years the pay television space has been challenged by new thinking, new ideas and new technology and is continuing to change.

Comcast Xfinity acquired NBC Universal. Comcast also started to offer Xfinity Mobile, a wireless service a year and a half ago. This has given them the ability to continue to grow and succeed going forward.

Charter just started to offer Spectrum Mobile services. This gives them a renewed ability to grow in that space. They are being more aggressive on the marketing front than Comcast. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays with them.

Altice will be joining Comcast and Charter in wireless with their Altice Mobile service which should launch later in 2019.

Companies must continue to grow to keep their shareholders happy

These leading cable television companies are expanding in these new ways because new competition is challenging them. They must continue to grow in order to keep their shareholders.

This changing marketplace is one of the most exciting places we have seen in quite a long time. In coming years there will be winners and losers as some companies ride the change wave and others don’t.

Over the next few years we will see the winners and losers because of the new and different challenges and opportunities. This is a game that must be played. That’s the only way to continue to win.

Companies must stay on growing side of growth wave in 5G wireless world

There are only three places companies can be on the growth curve. They can either be on the growing side of the growth wave, on the cresting top, or on the falling side.

In coming years, the only logical place every company needs to be is on the growing side. That’s what keeps investors happy. That’s what keeps the company growing.

We will see plenty of opportunity for not only wireless carriers to grow, but for smartphone makers and tablet makers as well. In addition, every other company in every other industry will use wireless to transform their business as well.

That’s why when we look at CES 2019, we see so many companies reaching out and touching the wireless industry. Like Uber and Lyft, they want to be the leaders of the transformation wave that will transform their industries.

Reach out and touch someone with 5G wireless

So, with 5G coming on quickly, an increasing number of companies will use wireless to stay on the growth wave keeping their investors, customers and workers happy. They will have the initial benefit of being first to market. This will be an initial competitive advantage.

Next, will come the followers. These companies will not pave the new roads, but they will successfully ride the transformation wave pave by their predecessors that will change their industry.

The only companies who will suffer are those who do not participate. Their ride on the growth wave will likely crest then fall. The longer they wait, the harder it will be to transform themselves. We have seen a long list of companies who suffer this fate, in every industry, over the years.

So, bottom line, going forward will be one of the most exciting times we have ever seen in business in our lifetimes, full of challenges, opportunities and risks. This is a time of rapid growth for the companies and individuals who stick with the change wave and the growth wave.

Whether you are an investor, a worker or a user, now is the time for you to take stock of where you are and consider whether you should make any changes. Good luck.

See you at CES 5G 2019.

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