Lowering Costs on PC Management?

Here’s Some Ideas How To Invest Those Savings In Technology

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For many organizations a key to success is to strategically automate and streamline daily, routine tasks to focus on bigger, visionary goals. Technology is advancing faster by the day, which means every decision must be weighed in the long term. The challenge, though, is figuring out where to invest capital that’s freed up from those efficiencies, to build the best strategy for tomorrow.

Some of the smartest growth areas include cloud development, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented and virtual reality. In fact, 67% of workers want to use augmented reality/virtual reality tools at work, according to a study by Forrester Consulting sponsored by Dell EMC. The area truly depends on where your organization is and, more importantly, where you, as an IT leader, want the organization to go.

First, though, you have to make sure you are stable enough for the future. For instance, if productivity and security are an issue for your company, then it makes sense to first invest in driving efficiencies throughout the entire PC lifecycle.

Dell EMC PC Lifecycle solutions help businesses save up to $620 per PC, according to a IDC survey of 500 organizations.[1] The secret is a strong partnership that allows Dell to customize the PCs, install all the software and hardware (including third-party services) and create a plug-and-play experience for your organization. It is immeasurable how much productivity is gained from avoiding disruption. It allows your employees to focus on the work rather than the tech, as the Dell EMC program will make sure the software and hardware is always up to date.

The latest technology can also impact the business decisions you make on the fly, as is the case with artificial intelligence. The implications are far and wide, but for most businesses, the immediate result is smarter customer and business relations. AI allows your business to pick up on patterns, from customer engagement to sales fluctuations to potential security leaks, in ways potentially beyond what an individual could do or, at minimum, faster than an individual could.

Artificial Intelligence, Real Efficiencies

As a recent CIO article suggests, AI is being used in deployments that include “coaching managers to interact more efficiently, to suggesting the right time to send email messages, to getting value out of information that might other languish on whiteboards.” Like robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality, AI can easily become a heavy financial investment. It may be best to look for smart partnerships before going at it alone.

Cloud development and implementation is a smart investment as well, particularly if your business feels hampered by legacy technology. A 2016 Forrester Research study of information workers worldwide found that legacy systems, devices and tools affect one-fourth of the workers’ ability to perform effectively. Investing in the cloud creates a more agile workforce, as it will be easier for them to access information on the most suitable device, and also facilitates collaboration and cooperation among employees, since they can share projects securely and easily.

It is wise to lean into strategic technology investment, whether taking yourself fully into the cloud or building AI into your business. With a smart investment, you could essentially leapfrog your competition by getting into the generation of technology beyond the current trending platforms.

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[1] *Based on IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell, “Business Value of Optimized Device Deployment”, July 2018. Results derived from a survey of 500 organizations worldwide. Savings calculated reflect costs associated with IT staff time for deployment-related activities and do not include the list price of ProDeploy Plus. Cost savings in U.S. Dollars. Actual results will vary. Full report here.


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