Let me draw you a picture

New IT manager wants a group of staff members to interview a candidate for a systems administration job, and this pilot fish is in on the vetting.

"The phone interview went well, and he was invited for an on-site," says fish. "He arrived on time with professional attire, seemed polite and gave the typical responses to typical Windows admin questions.

"But a couple things did stand out.

"First: At his current position, a consultant set up the Citrix server, and now our candidate was calling himself a Citrix expert. Did you participate in the design or deployment? No, he replied. He did take a crash course at one of those certificate mills.

"Second: The back page of his resume had what looked like an offensive strategy graph. He told us the circle in the center was him, and all the other peripheral circles were technologies and processes he had amassed over the years.

"After the interviewee left, we had a serious discussion about his offensive strategies. It truly made our day -- and it goes without saying that he wasn't invited back for a second interview."

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