Hey, you bring YOUR tools, I'll bring mine!

Business analyst visits this company's corporate office for a week of meetings, and it turns out she and an IT infrastructure pilot fish have something in common.

"Chatting with her, I found out that she made the 50-lb. bag weight limit on her flight by less than 1 lb.," says fish.

"I chuckled because, when I travel for work, I also sometimes push up against this limit. However, the weight comes from the drill, saw, hammer, staple gun, cable tester, toner, wire, hardware and various other tools and networking supplies I need when setting up infrastructure at a site.

"And I usually pack an extra pair of jeans and enough underwear, socks and T-shirts to at least have a somewhat fresh appearance each day.

"Knowing that this analyst was here only for meetings, and probably couldn't tone out a cable for her life, I asked what on earth she had in her bag.

"Of course, the answer was five unique outfits for the five days of meetings, including different shoes for each day.

"Good thing she didn't come for two weeks!"

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