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It's more than a few years back, and this oilfield services company is implementing a new email filter, says a pilot fish working there.

"It was part of an email security product," fish says. "The filter could identify emails containing language that was not considered business appropriate.

"We'd had HR incidents involving inappropriate language in the past, especially from field hands emailing to office staff -- it gave a new meaning to 'crude oil workers' -- so it was decided we should enable the feature with its default settings and give it a run.

"Only a few hours later we received an alert that a message had been identified with inappropriate language.

"Upon investigation, we found that the message was an incident report from one of the work sites, where someone had 'turned on the cock before attaching the hose to the nipple.'

"We turned the filter off and went with a custom solution that was more aware of our industrial terminology."

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