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Get Over 45 Hours Of Immersive Ethical Hacking Training For $25 (90% Off)

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Your private data can reveal a lot about you, such as bank information, spending habits, and even the websites you frequent. This makes large companies like Facebook and Yahoo prime targets for data breaches because of their vast library of user data. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever for companies to remain vigilant against hackers, lest their customers’ privacy and trust be lost.

To defend against such threats, companies hire security professionals who know how to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in security systems. These “ethical hackers” employ the same methods malicious hackers do, but they also patch and report these vulnerabilities to their employers to prevent future intrusions. With data breaches on the rise, the demand for ethical hackers has increased, making this career path both stable and profitable. If you’re interested in learning how to hack security systems (legally, of course) then this $39 Ethical Hacking A to Z Training Bundle is for you.

This bundle contains 8 courses on the tools and methods ethical hackers use to secure network security systems. If you’re new to hacking or programming in general, a great beginner's course is Ethical Hacker Bootcamp for 2017. The first course delves into basic topics such as reconnaissance, network presence, social engineering, and more. It also features live hacking demonstrations, which you can reference when conducting your own penetration tests.

There’s plenty of supplementary material in this bundle as well. For example, A to Z Ethical Hacking Course covers common threats such as SQL injections, phishing, and cross site scripting, while Intro to Ethical Hacking illustrates how to scan for vulnerabilities with tools like Zed Attack Proxy and Wireshark.

Once you have a well-rounded understanding of pen-testing and network security, you can specialize in a specific area of expertise. For example, Learn Burp Suite for Advanced Web Penetration Testing covers Burp Suite and its modules, which are used to find vulnerabilities in web apps. Alternatively, Learn Kali Linux and Hack Android Mobile Devices introduces tools such as Netcat, Ettercap, and NMAP to secure Android smartphones and tablets.

The courses in the Ethical Hacking A to Z Training bundle range from $80 up to $270, but you can find the bundle in the Computerworld Shop for $39, or 96% off.

Ethical Hacking A to Z Training Bundle - $39

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