Wonder if they'll ever tell HIM what's going on...

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This IT pilot fish has been supporting a customer remotely through a VPN that's usually pretty solid -- but definitely not always.

"Every now and then it disconnected me randomly," says fish. "Then it continued disconnecting me repeatedly every 30 to 60 seconds.

"I went through the usual litany of rebooting, trying a different computer, trying a different network, etc. Every time I got the help desk involved, they pulled a bunch of different logs that basically just said 'disconnected' without any cause given.

"After several rounds of changes that miraculously fixed it, then suddenly stopped working again, the issue got escalated to a high-enough tier that an answer was forthcoming.

"I was apparently using a legacy system that nobody thought was still around, and it only supported one connection per server -- as soon as somebody else connected to it, it kicked my connection off, and vice versa.

"Moving me over to the new server fixed everything.

"But the thing that kills me is that somebody else out there was having the exact same experience that I was -- working perfectly until some jerk started kicking him off every 30 to 60 seconds!"

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