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This company's CIO has a shiny MBA to go with his limited grasp of technology, and he puts both on display in the series of weekly incident review meetings he decides to launch, says an IT pilot fish whose attendance is required.

"These meetings consisted of non-technical upper-management types grilling the poor techs over every detail of any failure during the previous week, from broken laptops to major software outages, with no regard to severity -- all were considered class 1 outages," fish grumbles.

"During a discussion about network latency and a failed router, the CIO blurted out, 'Is latency bad? Why do we have latency? Is this bad? Can we fix latency?'

"Our dumbfounded network manager jokingly said, 'It's only bad if it's not consistent. As long as it's always slow or fast, no one will notice.'

"The CIO, not sensing the humor, said, 'Great, let's close this incident.'

"All the upper-management types nodded their approval. Nothing to see here."

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