Time to lock the security team in a hotel room?

IT security has laptops at this company really locked down, and that includes only limited admin rights, reports a road warrior pilot fish.

"On a recent trip, at my hotel I had to make an internet connection and open a web page to log into the hotel's internet service before I could get a connection to the real internet," fish says.

"Problem was, the work laptop was not going to let me use the browsers until I had established a VPN connection, which of course I could not do without the web page login.

"In a way, that was good -- I took some real vacation time.

"In another way, it was bad, I have big hands and fingers, so using an iPhone and those stupid virtual keyboards is a one-finger, error-prone task. An email that could take seconds to type on a full-size keyboard takes minutes on the phone.

"The ironic part is that the whole idea of giving us laptops is so we can be mobile and respond to emergencies, no matter where we are..."

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