Self promotion

Flashback to the early 1970s, when this IT pilot fish is refining and coding a model for strategic planning for his company.

"That involved quite a bit of head scratching and lots of lines of Fortran on 80-column  punch cards," fish says.

"An intern was hired with ill-defined responsibilities. He mostly hung around and tried to ingratiate himself.

"But soon the systems department noted a lot of print requests from his account. It turned out that he was systematically stealing not only the code for the model but also the corporate data that fed it -- piles of green-bar fanfold.

"So they pitched him out. What he planned to do with it all in printed form was never established.

"Years later, I was managing a growing programming group when a resume came in over the transom -- from the one and only!

"It described his duties that summer as encompassing mine and most of those of my boss.

"I posted the paper on my wall, but somehow forgot to call him in for an interview."

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