It's never too soon to start planning for Y10K

This pilot fish gets the usual collection of email messages from the banks that issue his credit cards, but one of them catches his attention right away.

"The subject line was 'Action Recommended: Barney, This Is Regarding the Info on Your Account,'" says fish.

"After my full name and part of the card number, to 'help verify that it was sent by' the bank, it continued, 'Please help us keep your account information up to date by providing or confirming your most recent income and housing information.

"'Why do we ask for this information? In order to better serve you, we collect this information on an annual basis so we can evaluate your account for future credit needs, including potential credit line increases.'

"After telling me how to give them the information online, the message added, 'Remember, your response to this email is completely optional. Please respond by 12/31/9999.'

"By 9999? Oh, so no rush then..."

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