Problem solved!

Network services pilot fish pays a visit to a client that has recently upgraded its gear -- and isn't happy.

"We had moved everything into a server rack in the previous few months," says fish. "The one thing I never got around to actually hooking up was the very nice KVM switch they bought -- it was in the rack but not attached to anything."

But the client's complaint is that the video cameras on its system are showing fuzzy images. Fish does some testing on the display PC without accomplishing much except to prove that the problem isn't the display PC or the monitor.

Next, fish carefully goes over the camera software, but he's still not able to fix the problem. His conclusion: It's an issue with the camera hardware.

That's going to mean a service call from the video hardware guys -- and fish figures he'd better get the KVM switch up and working so the hardware guys can access their video system.

After spending some time reconnecting the hardware in the back of the server rack and tightening all the connections, he moves around to the front again to make sure the KVM switch is working.

"Much to my surprise, the video images were now sharp and clear," fish says. "I went out to the main display screen, and saw that it too was displaying sharp, clear images.

"I didn't explain to the client how I fixed it."

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