Win10 version 1809 'RTM,' build 17763, now expected to drop Oct. 2

Putting together hints from various reliable sources, it now appears as if the next version of Windows — build 17763 — has been signed off on.

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Yes, it’s like reading chicken entrails, but all of the chicks seem to be peeping in unison.

It now appears as if Win10 build 17763 — the one that’s currently available on the Windows Insider Fast and Slow rings — has been anointed the “RTM” version, in fact if not in name.

WZorNet, the presumably Russian person/group that leaked many builds of Windows many years ago, posted his/her/its/their official announcement on Sept. 23:

win10 1809 rtm wzor IDG

Snazzy graphics, as usual.

Frequent contributor Abbodi unearthed the latest version of WindowsUpdateBox — the program that’s been used to install the upgrade, going back to the ESD files in Win81, all the way up to the UUP files in Win10 1709 et seq.

win10 1809 rtm esd xml IDG

The Details tab on the file properties dialog for the latest version of WindowsUpdateBox states, quite explicitly, that it is Product version 10.0.17763.1, modified Sept. 23.

windowsupdatebox IDG

Abbodi just put the final nail in the chicken entrails’ coffin. He found an ESD (= Electronic Software Download = upgrade) XML file that starts with

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>=

<PublishedMedia id="2072" release="20181002 RS5 RTM WU">


Which certainly points an accusing finger at the RTM version being distributed on Oct. 2.

Of course, if this RTM is anything like the last five, we’ll have additional cumulative updates that roll out right around the time the final version becomes available for download.

Thx, @abbodi86, @WZorNET, @gborn, @teroalhonen

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