Why you should install macOS Mojave and how to use it

Most Mac users should upgrade to the all-new Mojave macOS because its stable, powerful, and free.

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Security, privacy, and administration improvements all show that Apple is brushing up its Mac’s credentials for enterprise users. And that’s even before you think about the platform’s unique position within iOS app development, AR experience creation, and the potential of CoreML and CreateML.

Jonny’s final thoughts

When I took a first look at the Mojave beta earlier this year, I wrote: “I do want to say that I like this beta. I like its stability. I like what it seems to tell me about Apple’s direction with the Mac.”

Having used the OS for several months I see no reason to change that statement. The stability and performance benefits Mojave promised are realized in this release, the learning curve is negligible and the new features crammed inside the OS do seem to help you get things done a little faster — once you learn to use them.

Negative points? I’d really like Apple to put some time into improving Mail in a Mac release, particularly for people who have huge quantities of essential messages to archive and store. It is certainly good that Apple is giving Macs up to six years old another couple of year’s of useful life in this upgrade. One can’t help but wonder what phase two of that plan might be.

Be good to your Mac, and each other.

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