FAQ: Microsoft ups Windows 10 support to 30 months

Microsoft earlier this month suddenly announced that support for some versions of Windows 10 would last 30 months. Here's how that decision shakes out for users.

hand at keyboard with Windows logo

Microsoft on Sept. 5 upended Windows 10 support. Again.

In February, it added six months to the usual 18 for each twice-annual feature upgrade, but declined to say whether the deal would be permanent or just a stopgap. Three months later, it became clear it was the latter when Microsoft said it wouldn't offer the same to April's upgrade.

Apparently on a mission to confuse customers, Microsoft this month backtracked and suddenly announced that support for Windows 10 would last 30 months. Hosannas were sung.

Of course, there had to be a catch or two; those hallelujahs fell silent.

We're here to explain the catches and answer other questions about the latest head-spinning turn in Windows 10.

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