AT&T Mobility wins GWS Best Network OneScore

AT&T Mobility wins the GWS Best Network OneScore ranking. Let’s take a look at what that means, how Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and others in the wireless industry ranked, and what’s coming next.

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Congratulations to AT&T Mobility on the most recent Global Wireless Solutions study where they were awarded the Best Network OneScore. This comprehensive study compared all major wireless competitors after a very extensive series of tests all over the country. This was an evaluation of the leadership in today’s wireless marketplace in the United States.

Study findings say, based on the nationwide voice and data tests, combined with consumer research, AT&T has the best ranking. Verizon is second. T-Mobile third and Sprint fourth.

Verizon is number one for the fastest mobile internet upload like posting videos and photos. AT&T has the best video streaming quality and quickest load time.

As for voice, AT&T scores top in voice retainability with the lowest number of dropped calls. T-Mobile takes the lead for best voice quality on calls according to the study. Of all four carriers,

Sprint was the only network to not finish first in any category of voice and data testing.

AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint rankings

The battle being waged by the big wireless networks has been going on for years and is only growing. Today in the USA, there are four, major, national, wireless networks, AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. They account for the vast majority of all wireless traffic. There is also a growing number of newer or regional competitors with small footprints and many MVNO competitors which resell one of the big four.

So basically, when we want to take a look at the best wireless network in the country, we compare the big four. They carry most of the traffic in the United States. Looking at that list of four carriers, which is the best wireless carrier for you? Let’s take a look at this study and how they rank.

First, let’s consider what factors are involved with determining the best wireless network. There are many different factors including the network connection wherever you are. That means in cities and between cities. In buildings as well as outside. Standing still and driving. It means fast and consistent wireless data connections whether you are sitting at home or on the road, from coast to coast and so much more.

Testing wireless networks and smartphones on a regular basis

I have tested many smartphones and wireless networks from a wide variety of carriers and smartphone makers. Regarding carriers, that means the big four and several MVNO providers as well.

I have tested them as I live, work and travel over the last several decades. Doing so, I have learned many very interesting facts.

Example, over time I have noticed even when an MVNO provider resells one of the big four, the connection sound is not always the same. The sound on many MVNO connections can be tinny.

So, determining the best wireless carrier is not easy. It takes quite a bit of testing. That’s why each test we see only focuses on one or two areas and not the entire experience. With that said, this GWS study is very revealing in some very important areas.

Wireless getting better, but there still are winners and losers

In general, wireless continues to get better, stronger and faster, year after year. Today, every

wireless carrier is good in most places. A few are great in most places. The weak spots with many, is the outer areas of the city, like suburbs and the roads between cities.

Also, the speed, quality and consistency of the wireless data connection is increasingly important. This is something that is relatively new. The need for wireless data services increased when the first iPhone and Android appeared a decade ago.

In my experiences over the years, I have found AT&T Mobility offers a consistently good experience. That means signal strength and connection all over the city, the suburbs and the roads and highways in between cities, inside and outside of buildings. That also means speeds and connection for wireless data services and Internet use.

All the different carriers tend to talk about different awards they have won. Just like each of us, every wireless carrier has different strengths and weaknesses. This is to be expected. Carriers should be proud of their wins and use them to promote themselves.

While I have not counted, over time I have noticed AT&T seems to win an extraordinary number of different awards focusing on different areas of the wireless experience. It looks like their list of these kind of awards is the largest. That’s a powerful sales and marketing tool.

So, congratulations to AT&T Mobility for having the best mobile performance of all the competitors in this latest GWS study. If you want to read the official press release, see “AT&T Crowned Best U.S. Network in Largest Ever Mobile Performance Evaluation.” And congratulations to every competitor in the wireless industry. Wireless will continue to be the center of our universe going forward.

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