Another satisfied IT customer!

This IT pilot fish is assigned to do a system installation for a bank that happens to be not far from his old hometown.

"It was for a small but important department at the bank," says fish. "The department head was my liaison in configuring the product and converting their current information.

"Working with him was fraught. Some days he had lots of questions, and he answered mine. Other days he seemed sullen, had no time for me and changed direction on critical decisions.

"Eventually I completed the job and moved on.

"About six months later, I was visiting family and picked up a local newspaper. It had an interesting article -- it seems that department head had just pled guilty to misappropriation of funds.

"Turns out he had been stealing from the bank for years, but the new system I installed scotched his numbers-juggling game.

"His sentence was a lot longer than our brief association."

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