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Flashback to the days when big companies are still regularly faxing documents to each other, and this pilot fish at one such company is doing everything from database admin work to data entry.

"One client of our small database group kept faxing multipage updates for their database, instead of emailing the files to us," says fish.

"Between the tiny font and the poor quality of the faxes, it was nearly impossible to tell a number 1 from a lowercase L, or a zero from the letter O."

"We asked them to send their next update in a larger format.

"Three days later, a long shipping tube arrived in my office. The client had printed their data, in 12-point text, on 3-feet-by-4-feet drafting paper!

"This was too big to fit on my desk, so I had to spread each sheet on an unused drafting table in a nearby cube, memorize a couple of fields, walk to my cube, and enter the data, then repeat.

"I did the math and found that I put about three and a half miles on my shoes before that job was complete. I asked my boss if I could be reimbursed for those miles, using the standard mileage formula for company travel. She said no.

"And we never asked that client for large-format printouts again."

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