You've got malware!

Flashback to the early 2000s, when this non-IT pilot fish works in a building where the level of computer literacy is hovering near absolute zero.

"I was the only person in my department who had any computer skills at all," fish grumbles.

"One day we all got an email notice from management about a virus that was going around, spread by email. We were warned about clicking links and opening pages and all the other standard warnings."

Fish suspects that most people in the department will just delete the warning, since they don't use their computers for anything but the bare minimum required by company business -- and they barely understand even that.

So maybe it's no surprise that, not long after, fish arrives at the office one morning to learn that the building's entire computer network is down. And it's due to the same virus that everyone likely ignored the warning about.

But it turns out the virus isn't all that widespread. In fact, only two computers in the building are actually infected.

"One was the building server," sighs fish. "The other was the computer on the desk of my department manager -- whose brother had a well-deserved reputation for being an arrogant know-it-all and was one of our IT department's alleged hot shots."

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