Road trip

Pilot fish and his wife are on a road trip, and after a night at a hotel along the way they ask the desk clerk about the best way to get to their next destination.

"The clerk said to take the back way in, to avoid the traffic on the main street," says fish.

"My wife still likes a printed map so she can get a bigger overview of the area than you see on a cell phone, so we went to the hotel's business center and used the PC there to find a map of the route the hotel clerk suggested."

Fish turns on the printer to print out the map, but what comes out isn't what he had in mind. Instead, it's a decidedly not-safe-for-work image that someone has tried to print from a pornographic website -- apparently with the printer still off, so the print job will be waiting for the next unlucky user who turns the printer on.

"What are you printing?!?" fish's wife demands, but it's easy for fish to plead innocence -- she helped him find the map that's supposed to be printing.

Fortunately, the dirty pictures are a multipage, double-sided print job, so as soon as fish figures out what's going on, he turns off the printer and then kills all the jobs in the print queue -- including what appear to be several legitimate print jobs from users who couldn't figure out how to stop the porn deluge.

"My wife crumpled up the 'NSFW' printed pages and took them to the hotel's front desk, so the pages wouldn't be available to a small child who might look in the trash," fish says.

"Telling the clerk what had happened, she asked if he could throw them away. He smiled and said yes, but as we left my wife could see him uncrumple the pages to take a look..."

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