Surface Pro 4 firmware update blamed for touchscreen and pen malfunctions

Looks like the July 26 firmware/driver update for Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 brought on even more bugs.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Michael Homnick

Microsoft’s Surface folks have been on a mission lately, replacing almost all of the firmware and drivers in almost all of the recent Surface machines. It’s as if, golly, somebody finally figured out that the enormous number of Surface bugs have their root in something buried deep inside.

The jury’s still out on the efficacy of most of those firmware/driver updates, but a problem has, uh, surfaced specifically with the Surface Pro 4 firmware/driver updates released on July 26.

On July 28, ElixirHunter posted on the official Microsoft Answers forum:

I have had no problems with my Surface since purchase and dutifully update regularly.

The last update though has caused multiple problems:

  • All of the keyboard/pad functions are working including zoom, scroll etc. but no screen-touch or pen response (pen button clicks still open pre-chosen programmes as they should)
  • After being shut down will only start up with long hold on power switch.
  • It now takes ages to restart (used to start in a few dreamy seconds). Begins with completely black screen for about 20 seconds and no visible signs of turning on (lights on Fn key for instance) then the SURFACE screen, then the ring and eventually lock screen.
  • Seems to use the fan more often (it even continued after shut a few times).
  • In device manager the Firmware has an exclamation mark on Surface ME saying: This device cannot start. (Code 10) - An attempt was made to change the attributes on memory that has not been committed.
  • Trouble shooter detects this but can not solve it.
  • The pen/ink section of the Surface App says: the Surface app needs an updated component from Windows Update in order to enable this feature   

I contacted Microsoft but they ended up sending me to the ‘diagnostic tool’ during which I was unable to draw the 'snail' on the screen or register any touches of course but it didn't help.

They did email me afterwards (ref. 1434863707) but have not responded further since my reply.

Everything is up to date and I have tried rolling back drivers and updating them again in the firmware section of device manager.

PLEASE HELP - I had a perfectly working  Surface until I updated and now it just feels like a typewriter again.

As of this moment, there are 123 posts on that thread.

Yesterday, cjn-md posted:

I followed up my Saturday support call this morning and Surface Support (Abby) now stated they are aware of the issue with the 26th July Surface ME Firmware update and are working on a fix. NO timeline as usual.

Support is... trying to get you to re-image the machine from their normal troubleshooting script. As others have pointed out this will not fix the botched firmware update, please do not do this as you will need to reinstall and reconfigure your system and still have the same issue.

And feature-not-a-bug chimed in:

Really poor display by Microsoft. I also use a Mac and that's a 2012 1st-gen retina, which is still operating flawlessly 6 years later. This *costly* Surface Pro 4 has been the buggiest, flakiest and poorest performing premium device I've ever owned.

And the severe lack of acknowledgement or transparent communication just makes you look an order of magnitude worse. Whoever let this patch through QA should get the sack.

Sound familiar?

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