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Pilot fish's company brings in a new student intern to work in IT, and it seems like he should be a perfect fit -- but it's not quite working out.

"He had great grades at a top institution, but he struggled mightily," says fish. "He did not have a bad attitude, but he just couldn't pick up our technology.

"He had done well at everything he had ever tried, at least according to him. He came from a very successful family, and he just could not get how things could be so difficult.

"I put in extra time, because it seemed like it was my fault -- like I wasn't explaining things so he could understand them. In the end, we gave him an A for effort and sent him back to school.

"Several years later, my boss dropped a trade rag on my desk, with a headline about a lawsuit involving theft of IP for a sum that would take most people a lifetime or two to earn.

"It seemed our ex-intern had started his own company, and found a way to knock software out of the park without breaking a sweat."

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