Just another day in the IT life

IT pilot fish is tapped to go to a customer site in New York City, and the trip is already off to a fine start when fish learns how he'll be getting there: in a private plane.

"It happened that a VP was flying there on a company plane, so I hitched a ride," says fish. "The seat beside the pilot beats the usual coach seat!

"We landed across the river in New Jersey and took a helicopter to Manhattan. The VP got into a limo, and I took the subway to the customer site."

Fish arrives and is introduced to the consultant he'll be working with, who turns out to be a sometime colonel in the Mossad, the Israeli spy agency. OK, that's different, fish thinks.

Still, the colonel knows his stuff IT-wise, and together they start making progress as they investigate the customer's problem.

As they work, the colonel begins to get more informal. First to go, as usual, are the jacket and tie. But he doesn't stop there, and as he works up a sweat he continues shedding clothing. Soon he's barefoot, shirtless and in shorts -- and still working on the IT issue.

Around that time, the customer's IT chief arrives and surveys the scene. With fish and the colonel in the room, he calls fish's boss and demands that fish stay "as long as it takes, even if it's a month," until the issue is resolved.

"I protested," fish says, "but my boss wanted a happy customer.

"Fortunately, the lightly dressed colonel and I wrapped things up by the end of the week."

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