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Flashback a couple decades to the days when this IT pilot fish at a big company has databases to administer, 100-plus PCs to maintain -- and a freshly sprained ankle.

"One day someone's network card went on the fritz," says fish. "Replacing it posed no problems...except that it's hard to carry a network card when you're walking with crutches.

"My solution? I put the card -- in its anti-static bag, of course -- in my lap and used my wheeled office chair as an impromptu wheelchair. The user got his new network card and was happy.

"But I was called into my manager's office the next day and rebuked for my 'unprofessional behavior' in riding my chair down the office aisles. He didn't want to hear my reasons why; someone had complained, and I was firmly told not to do it again.

"Two days later, someone else's video card died. My solution this time? I put the card -- in its anti-static bag, naturally -- on my head, wore a ball cap to keep it in place, and walked with my crutches to make the repair. This time I got no complaints.

"Wearing a hat indoors is considered bad manners, but I guess it's not unprofessional behavior."

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