6 productivity-enhancing apps for Apple’s iPhone

Enterprise iPhone users can increase their productivity using these iOS apps, including Slack, Trello, and OmniFocus.

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When it comes to real enterprise mobility, there’s little doubt business is coalescing around the iPhone, so I thought there may be some interest in this hand-picked selection of iOS apps that will help you become far more productive.


Free to use, $12.50/month for full enterprise features

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Slack has become the go-to solution for team collaboration. It provides messaging, conferencing, and file-sharing tools, and it integrates with a robust assembly of over 1,500 third-party apps. Everything is searchable, so you should always be able to find a specific file, conversation or commitment to help you stay on top of your projects. Enterprise users include organizations such as Capital One, which means Slack has achieved a scale of use that makes it familiar to most enterprise knowledge workers. Download


Free to use, paid plans offer more features

trello web macbook pro Trello

Trello on a MacBook Pro.

The yin to Slack’s yang, Trello is one of the best solutions around for effective team and project management. Tasks are noted as cards which can be combined into team workflow boards. Each task can contain conversations, project files, and more, and the solution easily integrates with third-party apps, including Dropbox. The effect is that users can track project progress visually and effectively in a highly visual interface. Download


From $39.99

Want to get things done effectively? Use this award-winning app to manage all your different tasks. OmniFocus has built a reputation as one of the most effective mobile productivity suites money can buy. It lets you add Tasks, group them together into Projects, plan, and review ongoing activity to stay on top. It also offers Notifications, Sync, and Siri support — you’ll even get an Apple Watch app to help you stay on top of business. Download


From $7.99

This handy service makes use of a voice AI system called EVA, which has been designed to meet the needs of enterprise users. EVA tracks conversations, meaning that while you are in a meeting, you don’t need to take notes and can remain focused on the conversation as EVA automatically takes notes and actions for you. The system also works in phone conversations. Other useful features include creation of searchable real-time transcripts, actions, and notes that can be exported into systems such as Slack or Salesforce.

You must create a Voicera account to use the app, and do be sure to check your transcripts to ensure their accuracy — but you will still save a huge chunk of time. Download

Paste by Fifty Three

Free to use, unlock features for cost

Keynote is a great presentation app, but for a highly effective tool with which to create effective presentations on your mobile device, take a look at Paste by Fifty Three. This deck-based system makes it super-easy to create a good presentation, it automatically formats items and supports documents, images, video, and other media. The app also boasts collaborative tools, so you can get help from others on your team. One more thing? Paste integrates with Slack for even more effective team and project management. Download



You’re busy. You’ve got too much on, you’ve just been laden with more responsibility, and you’ve got your own hectic domestic and social life to manage. It’s all too much. One thing that might help you stay on top of all this is to gamify the whole thing. That’s where Habitica comes in: The open-source app/service aims to help you build better habits and get things done with a system of in-game rewards and punishments and a strong social network to help you get the help you need from others. Define and track your tasks, and the app turns them into little monsters you need to conquer to progress in the game. Download

Final thoughts

There are plenty of other apps you’ll want to take a look at to boost productivity. Word, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Apple’s Notes app, and others all have a part to play. App in the Air may be essential if travel is part of your job. Droplr is a useful solution for team file-sharing and collaboration. I could go on, but I’m keen to hear from you: Do you have an iOS app that makes you more productive? Please let me know.

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