Nice to know our financial world is in safe hands

This company is the target of a spear-phishing attack, but it doesn't actually get very far, according to an IT pilot fish working there.

"It was the typical 'CEO is out of the office and needs a wire transfer done right away' message," fish says.

"Our people are pretty good at spotting phishing attempts, and our administrative assistant was immediately suspicious because we do wire transfers approximately never. She strung the guy along over multiple emails and got all the transfer information -- amount, routing number, account number and so on.

"The routing number was for one of the largest, best-known financial organizations in the world. The administrative assistant tried to contact this organization to report to them that someone was using their institution to commit wire fraud.

"On her first try, they disconnected her. On the second, she spent 15 minutes mostly on hold. Then she was told they don't have a procedure in place to deal with this and was put on hold again.

"Finally they came back on the line -- and told her the only way to report it was to take the information to a local branch and report it in person!"

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