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VP comes to this pilot fish's office with a new mobile phone -- and a problem.

"She said, 'The email won't work,'" fish reports. "We went through the configuration for her email. Everything looked correct. I had her retype her email password and had her try connecting again. Still no luck.

"I then sent her to an area where I knew the wireless signal was very strong and asked her to try again.

"After a few minutes I went to check on her. 'Email is still not working,' she said.

"Let me have a look, I said.

"The first thing I noticed was that she was not connected to the Wi-Fi. Um, you're not connected to the Wi-Fi, I said.

"She replied, 'Why would I need to do that?'

"When she actually connected to the Wi-Fi, her email miraculously started working."

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