Apple’s iPhone 8 is about to get even better

The quintessence of traditional iPhone design, iPhone 8 becomes an even better device this year thanks to iOS 12.

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Daniel Masaoka

It’s July. Apple is probably going to launch new iPhones in a few weeks. And this is great news for budget-conscious shoppers in the market for a second-hand iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Plus, appreciate

One of the most popular smartphones money can buy, iPhone 8/Plus is the quintessence of iPhone design.

I described it as being, “Iconic, (it) delivers everything we have grown to expect from the brand... a traditional and time-tested counterpoint to the new-fangled iPhone X.”

Compromises? Sure: It lacks FaceID (so no animojis for you), and hosts a 1,920-x-1,080 LCD Retina display rather than the 2,436-x-1,125 OLED display you get in iPhone X.

Despite those limitations, the iPhone 8 boasts the same record-setting A11 processor, an equivalent camera (in the Plus models), and everything else that makes it such a great device.

These devices are also familiar to use to long-term iPhone users, and a little cheaper.

This makes them great for millions of users.

The good news? iPhone 8 is about to get even better, because ...

... iOS 12 is coming

Apple revealed its new smartphone OS at WWDC, promising 40 percent faster app launches and 50 percent faster keyboards than iOS 11 provides.

I’ve been impressed with the beta. (A third developer beta is now in circulation.) It delivers on Apple’s promised performance benefits on any iPhone it runs on, including iPhone 5s.

iPhone 8 series devices are already the fastest "traditionally-designed" Apple smartphones you can get. iOS 12 runs like butter off a hot knife on them, according to 1Password’s tests.

If you already own an iPhone 8, then it is about to get a software upgrade that not only adds new features, but also makes the device even better in performance and stability terms.

Regular software upgrades is one of the standard benefits of Apple’s ecosystem. That's why those comparative Galaxy S8 Plus versus iPhone 8 tests really should be revisited once iOS 12 ships, as the Apple device will be even better than before.

(For comparison, here’s the track record for OS updates to Samsung’s device.)

Apple will ship new iPhones soon

According to current speculation, Apple will ship three new iPhone models (small, regular, large?) this year. It will likely announce them in the fall.

These may all be equipped with Face ID and be a little more affordable than iPhone X. They’ll also carry a new and much faster A-series processor.

Apple controls both the hardware and the software, so it’s inevitable that the new devices will set yet another new standard for mobile device performance. They will inevitably be the most popular iPhones since the last iPhones. History shows that’s what usually happens.

Get ready for the new

What else happens when Apple ships new smartphones?

A substantial number of people usually sell their old device to make a little cash to help pay for the new model.

This usually leads to a short-term spike in the cost of recent second-user iPhones, followed by a subsequent slump as that market becomes saturated. The trick is to sell your old device before the slump kicks in – or wait until after it does if you’re buying.

What does this mean to a budget-conscious consumer or enterprise user in the market for a replacement device but is anxious about the cost? It means you can expect to pick up a second-hand iPhone for significantly less than book price.

Time to grab a bargain?

If you are able get hold of an iPhone 8 Plus, you'll be seizing a real opportunity.

Not only will you be investing in a much better device at a better price, but you will also know your new second-user iPhone will see significant performance and capability improvements this fall.

It already has a fast processor, wireless charging, a great camera and the capacity to fit snugly inside an iPhone 7 case – and even better battery life than iPhone X (14-15 hours for the Plus against 12-13 hours for the X).

The quintessence of traditional iPhone design, iPhone 8 becomes an even better device one year on.

How often do consumer electronics devices offer you that?

One more thing: You’ll also have a device that’s likely to be capable of running Apple’s next OS updates in 2019 and 2020, when I expect the company to deliver highly significant platform enhancements around AI, AR and new platforms. Which will be another story.

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