Who says lowly IT techs don't get any power?

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It's early in this pilot fish's long and varied career, and he's sent to a location in a faraway land to do some routine data center maintenance.

"Most of the work got done, but there was a power supply that needed an engineering change order applied," says fish.

"I watched the customer shut down the machine and throw the breaker for the power. Then he left me alone to complete that task.

"I opened the power supply and was preparing to apply the change when the screwdriver in my hand hit a bare ground wire -- to spectacular effect.

"Turns out, in that place, or in that institution, or at least in that case, they fused the ground rather than the live line.

"For years after that, I kept the screwdriver -- which now had a notch halfway through its shaft -- as a reminder to always double and triple check the power before starting work."

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