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Database programmer retires at this family-owned company that's on the conservative side, and he goes out with a bang, says a pilot fish on the scene.

"At his retirement party, he told a couple of hilariously bawdy road-trip tales that made the plant manager turn red with rage," fish says.

"They didn't allow future retirees to speak after that.

"But it turns out Mr. Bad Boy had a talent that no other local consultants had. The plant had to bring him back to help transition his automated update routines to a new system.

"But the cheesed-off plant manager had barred him from ever entering the plant again.

"Solution? Database expert was given a workstation in the transportation building on the plant grounds.

"Rumor has it that when he learned of the arrangement, he added a little to his hourly rates in honor of his restricted work environment."

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