Mingis on Tech: BlackBerry's Key2 phone is for 'masters of the universe'

BlackBerry's newest smartphone sports a more-than-full-featured physical keyboard – naturally – and is aimed at those who want to really want to get work done, says Dan Rosenbaum.

In an era when just about every high-end smartphone looks a lot like those from rival manufacturers – even Android devices now sport iPhone X-like notches – BlackBerry still manages to stand out.

blackberry key2 silver2 BlackBerry

The keyboard on the BlackBerry Key 2 takes up a large portion of the front of the phone.

That's because, of course, of the physical keyboard, a hallmark of BlackBerry devices for years and one of the big selling points for the new KEY2 smartphone. The device, made for BlackBerry by TCL Communication, arrives in the U.S. in July priced at $649. It runs Android Oreo 8.1, has a decent 4.5-in. screen and great battery life, and should be the go-to phone for those at the top of the power food chain.

That's Dan Rosenbaum's assessment after using the KEY2 and getting a feel for how it stacks up to other smartphones. There's a reason, he said, that BlackBerrys have long been seen as power devices in the hands of government officials.

As Rosenbaum explains it, the keyboard has so many features that it's almost guaranteed to help the owner be more productive – making it an ideal smartphone for the business world. Or as he puts it "the masters of the universe" (and those who aspire to be).

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