His last name wouldn't be Murphy, would it?

This soon-to-be-wed pilot fish has anything but IT on his mind -- he and his fiancee are spending a long weekend at a combined bachelor/bachelorette party at a casino.

"All our friends know each other, so it's easier to have it together," fish says. "Monday afternoon comes, we're heading home with the party, and I get a call from my manager asking me to come into work.

"I let him know that I'll get there as soon as we drop everyone off. By the time that's done it's 4 p.m., and I'm told they still desperately need me in the office."

And when fish walks into his office, he sees why: His co-worker Barney is sitting surrounded by piles of laptops, and users are steadily coming in to drop off even more laptops.

What's going on? fish asks. Barney explains that he was testing a package that could be pushed out to users' Windows PCs via Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager. But instead of targeting a small group of test computers, Barney mistakenly pushed it out to the SCCM group that includes all 900 PCs in the company.

The package being tested? It's a boot image used to wipe a computer and reinstall the company's custom Windows image.

The good news is that as soon as Barney realized what happened, he removed that group, and that stopped SCCM from pushing the image to PCs in remote branches and anywhere else outside the main facility.

And the bad news? "We're in the office until 11 that night repairing what laptops we can, and reimaging new laptops for people whose machines can't be repaired," says fish.

"We estimate about 400 computers were affected, and the next three days are 12 to 15 hours each to repair and image."

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