Look, this isn't rocket science, it's networking!

The IT support guy at this private school seems to be trying hard, but he may not be the most qualified tech possible, says a pilot fish who used to teach there.

"He was previously a student, from the economics and accounting program, who got the position because his godmother was CFO at the school," fish says.

"Among the IT and telecom teachers, we did joke a bit about this guy, because he was more or less always in the dark, trying to figure out things as simple as what IP addresses to use on our internal network.

"After some years he eventually moved to another job, and the administration hired a new IT support guy who supposedly had some academic degree in computers and networks.

"As soon as he arrived, he decided to make his mark by changing the internal IP network addresses from the standard private 192.168.x.x to 129.168.x.x.

"And believe me, it was not a typo. I had a personal talk with him, and I could tell that he did not know what the problem could be using that network.

"All in all, maybe we were better off with the accountant."

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