Consulting: So simple!

Database admin pilot fish knows this company's systems inside and out after 20 years with them, and he's a bit annoyed when his boss brings in a consultant for the latest project.

"I suspect there's an unspoken practice of discrimination against me due to my age," fish says. "I don't claim to know everything, but I know enough to have kept things running without incident during my time here, and when I'm stuck I know who to reach out to.

"Recently my manager requested a meeting with me, the consultant and other managers to discuss my proposal for the project, which included the liberal use of stored procedures on the SQL Server.

"The consultant shook his head and loudly said that we needed to start using CLR in SQL Server, and that it would be easy to use: Just write the procedure offline, compile it and then integrate it into SQL Server. So simple!

"My manager was highly impressed, and looked at me smugly and said, 'It would be good for us to use state-of-the-art design.'

"After the meeting, I met with the consultant and told him I looked forward to him showing me how to use CLR.

"He turned beet-red and said he had never used it and thought he would learn how to do it from me!

"I told him he needed to meet with my manager and tell her that he had changed his mind and that, due to the simplicity of the application, we should stick with stored procedures -- or I was going to tell the manager I needed him to do the CLR coding.

"He did as I asked -- and then promptly left the consulting firm a week later."

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