And how did you spend YOUR holiday weekend?

This 30-employee branch office is about to move to a new location, and the end of the week is going to be busy for this networking pilot fish.

"The manager from HQ says he's prepared everything for the move," fish reports. "The new office will be ready to move in, telcos are informed, network cabling is in place, and we just need to bring in the new server and switches."

Fish will spend Wednesday and Thursday setting up network switches and copying data to the new file server. Two other IT guys will spend Thursday and Friday moving all the PCs and reconnecting them to the network.

And because everything is ready to go, the manager who planned the move is going on vacation.

On Wednesday, fish arrives at the new office location after a six-hour drive with hundreds of pounds of equipment in the back of his van. And he's ready to get to work -- right?

Not exactly. "The new office looks more like a building shell than ready to move in," says fish. "Lights are missing, doors are missing, stairways have no rails and craftsmen are scrambling everywhere.

"Then things start to get worse: The telco guys show up and want to cut the wrong lines. The wiring cabinet on the first floor was dismantled by the carpet layers and is now just one big pile of parts. The second-floor wiring cabinet needs to be moved because the filing cabinet next to it was ordered two sizes larger than planned. By the same manager who is on vacation.

"And there's no way to get the equipment from my van into the office because the doorway to the underground parking lot -- where the server room also is -- is not even paved!"

Wednesday is lost sorting out the mess. By late Thursday afternoon fish finally gets the new server installed. But the network isn't up until noon Friday.

"So the support techs can't reconnect and test all the PCs by Friday evening," fish says. "And it's a long weekend -- Monday is a holiday -- and they all have families, so they fly home Friday night.

"It's me who stays on Saturday, Sunday and Monday doing their work. Finally, on Monday evening, everything is up and running. Then it's another six-hour drive back home all through the night."

And the final results for the week? "The manager comes back from vacation and gets a pat on the back for doing such good work preparing the move," fish reports.

"I get reprimanded for racking up 40-plus hours of overtime."

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