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It's 1999, and in this IT department the big crisis isn't Y2k, says a pilot fish there -- it's the Melissa virus.

"We were infected, and we were all called into the Emergency Operations Center to devise a strategy to determine the extent of infection and how to mitigate the effects," fish says.

"The server admins were coming up with methods to clean up any servers that were affected. The desktop group was trying to figure out how many desktops were infected. We in the network group were trying to come up with a way to block traffic from the virus, both inbound and outbound, at the firewalls.

"Everything was moving as well as could be expected, but we had to give an update to senior leadership on progress.

"The server admins gave their update, desktop did the same, and I represented network and reported on our efforts to block traffic.

"That was when the director over the server and desktop groups said the network team was 'overcomplicating things, as usual.' He asked, 'Why don't we just hang up the Internet line?'"

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