And we're guessing EVERYBODY is happier now

Annual performance review time at this company has come and gone, and one database admin pilot fish who's at the bottom of the IT-shop pecking order has reached the end of his rope.

"I got a really bad review with zero raise," sighs fish. "It was obvious that, despite me being hired as a database developer, they expected me to become proficient in C# so I could work on the front-end programming, like all the other developers.

"I updated my resume and alerted a couple of recruiters that I was looking.

"A week later, I showed up for work in a suit and tie. 'What's with the tie? You got an interview?' my co-workers all joked.

"Yes, I told them. I walked a few blocks down the street to an interview for a straight Oracle DBA position that looked like a good fit for me.

"The senior developer who did all the hiring interviews gave me a PL/SQL test that he had written. The test examples were so poorly designed, I was compelled to rewrite them rigorously, not just making the one or two changes in lines of code that the test was written to expect from a junior-level developer.

"I got the job -- and put in my two-week notice at the old job that day."

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