One lousy hurricane hits and it all goes to the dogs

This pilot fish's employer is developing a disaster recovery plan for a client's business operations -- and, naturally, it's by the book every step of the way.

"The client's call center was designated as the backup operations site in our plan," says fish. "My role was Technical Delivery Manager there.

"The disaster recovery/business continuity planning happened over 18 months, and at the end of the 18 months our area experienced several brushes with hurricanes.

"The first hurricane missed our city, hitting further eastward. We implemented the plan, but I stayed at home during that hurricane. We were not required to stay onsite.

"Several months later, a second hurricane warning was raised for our city. We once again implemented the plan, and I went home again, not expecting to stay at work.

"Then I received a call from my manager, wanting to know if I would be willing to spend the night at the call center. I told my manager I could, but I would not leave my wife at home.

"My wife would come, but she would not leave our three dogs at home.

"My boss told me he would check with the client and call me back.

"Ten minutes later, the client's Technical Operations Manager approved me taking the fur babies to spend the night at the call center."

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