Harness EMM data to improve your mobile operations

Your enterprise mobility management platform holds a wealth of data that can help you transform your business. Here are some ways to tap into EMM and MDM data to support your mobile workforce and bolster your business processes.

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There’s more to enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM) services than keeping mobile devices, apps and data safe. These platforms also generate a wealth of data that you can harness not only to boost your mobile security but to enhance your business operations too.

“All the EMM vendors are putting a lot of work into developing analytics,” says Andrew Hewitt, mobility analyst for Forrester. Smart businesses can take advantage of EMM analytics tools for everything from automating device provisioning to streamlining employee workflows.

Here are some ways you can use EMM data to help your workers and advance your business practices:

Apply EMM analytics to IT automation

Hewitt says analytics tools provided by today’s top EMM platforms allow customers to use in-house data to automate IT admin actions and improve the employee experience. “We see more focus on automation using [EMM] data ingested into an analytics engine than we've ever seen before,” Hewitt says. “I think we're losing a lot of the heavy lifting that was inherent with mobile device enrollment and management overall because of the automation.”

With automation tools in place, a user can log into a new device or PC and have their profile, configurations, apps and policies downloaded to the device automatically, Hewitt says. User identity tools work in tandem with automation to make device enrollment and onboarding a seamless experience for users. Any way you can save users a trip to IT can go a long way toward improving the employee experience.

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