If you can't take the heat...

It's 1988, and this pilot fish is the entire IT team for the 250 users in the IC design department of a chipmaker in Arizona. But his biggest problem isn't his very tech-smart users.

"Occasionally I had to do a 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. shift to get all the big-box computers updated," says fish. "This was Arizona in July, so I parked in one of the few shaded spots -- that way my car wouldn't be 140 degrees at 1 p.m.

"Turned out we had a senior sales-dude who had decided that was his spot. He would leave business cards with nasty notes if you parked there. Some young designers who came in early had a contest going for how many of the cards they could collect.

"After one brutal update session, I went to the parking lot to leave and found my little car blocked in by a Lincoln Continental. It was the sales-dude's.

"I went back in and told my boss, the design VP. He whistled and gathered up ten guys, who then lifted the back end of the Lincoln and rolled it up into the perimeter fence and set off the alarm.

"They ran back in, and the befuddled sales-dude ran out to see me waving and driving away.

"Next morning there was a company-wide email from the company owner, telling everyone that the only assigned shaded parking spot was his -- and that anyone who touched another employee's car would be terminated.

"I could park in the shade all I wanted after that."

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