Mingis on Tech: Wireless charging update

With Apple embracing the Qi standard in its iPhone X and 8/8+, wireless charging is becoming more mainstream. So what about the debate it'll kill your battery?

Wireless charging – if it's not there already – is likely coming to a smartphone near you.

And your next car.

Probably your next office desk.

And, if a few technological kinks can be worked out, perhaps even to the very office you're sitting in.

Now that Apple has embraced the Qi specification – the iPhone 8/8+ and iPhone X rely on it for wireless charging – the industry is beginning to coalesce around a path forward. Hence, the growing number of inexpensive wireless chargers you can buy now, many of them for less than $20.

With that backdrop, Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis turned to senior reporter Lucas Mearian for an update on where things stand. Of particular interest: the ongoing debate about whether wireless charging, while undoubtedly convenient, can harm battery life or reduce the number of charge cycles a device has in it.

(That last issue bubbled up when ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote about his decision to eschew wireless charging, which he argued had reduced the battery lifespan in his iPhone X.)

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