Well, since you offered...

Pilot fish gets a call from the IT manager, who wants to know if fish has set up the extension number for a new employee in accounting.

"My reply, of course, was 'Yes sir!'" says fish.

"Then he asked me what the new extension number was.

"A bit taken aback, I told him, '@#$%!, I don't know.' I don't remember extension numbers after I set them up any more than I remember user passwords after they're initially assigned.

"I told him if he liked I could hang up, press the contacts button on my desk phone, type in her name and call him back with the number.

"His reply? 'Sure, would you do that for me?'

"Yes, we're using similar phones on the same PBX. But my answer, of course, was 'Yes sir!'

"I think he wrote it down..."

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