Throwback Thursday: Let us out of here!

Pilot fish gets an invite to fly to the corporate main office and meet the new CIO.

"We were to meet him in the newly improved server lab," fish says. "He walked in and introduced himself, then started to chat about all the new features installed."

But as the boss walks around the lab and runs through his spiel, he happens to lean against a wall.

And accidentally triggers the emergency stop switch.

And as soon as the alarm goes off, fish's HQ colleagues spring into action -- piling frantically out the door.

"They pushed the CIO out of the doorway as they ran by to get to their workstations," says fish. "They had 60 seconds to override the emergency stop before the halon gas would be dispersed.

"Fortunately for the CIO, his staff saved the day.

"I stopped by the CIO's office about an hour later. His assistant told me he had gone home for the day."

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