Just one, um, great idea after another

Sysadmin pilot fish is approached by the IT director, who tells fish to create an account for the director that has the same capabilities as the lead programmer's account.

"Seems he had some kind of beef with the lead programmer," sighs fish. "But I created the account, set the privileges and gave him the user name and password.

"Three months later, he came into my office accusing me of not complying with his directive.

"I told him that I had indeed complied with his instructions, including showing him that the login capability worked as advertised.

"He told me he couldn't perform a certain operation when he logged in. I explained that neither could the lead programmer. Only system administrators could.

"He demanded that he be given system administrator privileges.

"I wrote a white paper that I gave to his boss, the VP of Finance, explaining what the IT director was requesting and pointing out that, since he had zero experience in system administration on these systems, I was reluctant to provide him with those privileges.

"Needless to say, the VP told me to comply.

"I left the company shortly thereafter."

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