Still a few bugs in this computing architecture

It's a few decades back, and this university decides it's time for a dedicated computing center, says a pilot fish studying there at the time.

"Grand plans were made," fish says. "The computing center would be next to the administration building and in front of the library.

"But that brought objections from the people who gave the money to build the library. So the computing center was built there -- but underground.

"The computing center could be reached from the admin building basement, but because the computing center was lower, the hallway between buildings was a ramp.

"All was well until one day when a move was going on. The maintenance men were moving dollies loaded high with furniture from the admin building to the computing center.

"The ceilings in the admin building are very high, but that wasn't the case in the computing center, so the ceiling got lower as you went along the ramp.

"As the first dolly got rolling down the ramp, the furniture hit the fire sprinkler head at the bottom.

"Before it could be turned off, the computer room got about six inches of water.

"But the view of the library was still very nice..."

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