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Software developer is assigned the task of chasing down a bug that involves a true-or-false value that's not right, says a pilot fish on the scene.

"A boolean variable wasn't receiving the correct value at some point before being evaluated in an if statement," fish says. "The developer started by checking the use cases where the boolean was supposed to be false.

"After spending some time on it, he still wasn't able to determine what caused the boolean to have the wrong value.

"Then he had a brilliant idea: simply assign the 'false' value to the boolean just before the if statement. And boom! It worked!

"He declared the bug fixed and it went to the tester -- who pointed out the obvious fact that the application was not working properly when that boolean was supposed to be true.

"No problem, developer said, and changed the line where he was assigning the 'false' value to assign the value 'true.' Then he declared the bug fixed because now it was working for the case where the boolean was supposed to be true.

"At this point the tester went to the boss and had the bug assigned to another developer, who fixed it for good.

"It still amazes me that this guy managed to get a B.A. in computer science and work for an entire year as a software developer at that company before being fired."

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