So THAT'S what we've been paying him for!

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This database analyst has handled his IT shop's SQL Servers for two decades, and he's very well respected, says an IT pilot fish on the inside.

"He has a masters degree in IT and many certifications, including SQL Server certification," fish says.

"Unfortunately, he's in his 60s and, though everyone eventually asks him for help in coding and many other projects, our new manager is younger by 20 years and seems to think he's past his prime."

So it's no surprise when the manager hires a consultant to help move an extremely large database that's replicated globally.

Consultant works for weeks detailing all the database's tables and looking at options. When he's finally ready, he calls a meeting to lay out his plan: The system will need to be down for an entire day to insure data is copied to the new server, and all the replicated sites will have to be down during this time, too.

Then he asks if there are any questions.

The analyst, Barney, raises his hand: "Since you're running the same version of SQL Server everywhere, have you thought about just setting up the new server as a subscriber that would let the data be copied to it, then on the day of the switchover just break replication from the old server, and recreate the packages on the new server along with the subscribers?

"That way your downtime would be just minutes instead of hours, since the data would be current," he adds.

Manager snaps, "Barney, that won't work!"

But the consultant stands for a moment open-mouthed. Then he says, "You know, I think that would actually work. Yes. Yes, I see no reason why that wouldn't work very well!"

Reports fish, "The manager fumed as the consultant made notes. And as it turned out, Barney was correct and the move went very smoothly.

"Score one for experience."

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